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Albarubens is a third-party testing laboratory, located in Italy and operating for worldwide customers.

Tests are performed on components, equipment and materials, in order to determine performances, durability and safety.

The laboratory is capable to reproduce all the climatic conditions, performing electrical, physical and mechanical verifications.

The operations are accredited under ISO/IEC17025 by A2LA, so the issued reports are accepted all over the world.
All the measurements are fully traceable to the International System of Units.

Albarubens is equipped for hundreds of standardized tests, but the main capability is the design of the new ones: feel free to ask!

UPDATED: 22 Aug 2022

Intense weather phenomena such as heavy hailstorms are becoming more frequent every day. In recent weeks, Italy has witnessed a worsening of the situation affecting agricultural fields and civil and industrial infrastructures. Researchers say these atmospheric events are becoming normal due to climate change.
We, as a test laboratory, are equipped with a hail launcher that simulates hail hits to understand if a sample is capable of withstanding such strong impacts. We have experience with solar panels but our equipment can be used with any type of object. Thanks to these hail tests (which we carry out not only but also according to IEC 61215-2) our customers can improve the resistance capacity of their products.
If you are interested, contact us at info@albarubens.it to plan a test sequence according to your needs.